The company invites everybody who is eager to trade, in spite of his or her previous experience and basic knowledge, but before to start, look through the next questions.

01 Common
What is is a crypto trading company, which was created many years ago on the background of common views and experience of our specialists in the sphere of investment and employment on the crypto market. is a reliable, safe and trustworthy company, which uses only modern methods and technologies in its work. The users contribute their funds into cryptocurrency and get a wide range of benefits.

Why should I participate?

Participating, you have an opportunity to get quick and significant income. You should just invest your money into cryptocurrency at a definite interest and receive earnings.

May anyone attach himself or herself to the company?

Any adult person from any country can join our company.

Can I look through the documents which prove the legality of company’s work?

Yes. You can find the documents in the section “About”

Who is the promoter of

The promoter of the company is Adam Smith, the person who invested a huge amount of his own funds into the development of the company.

What are company’s measures of security?

The company has various certificates of security like SSL, DDos Guard, Green Bar and also the transaction security technology.

How to begin?

Just register yourself, choose the tariff plan, invest funds into your account, open the deposit and start to receive income.

How can I check payoffs?

All the information about it you can find in the private office.

How can I increase my earnings due to the company?

Just participate in the Affiliate Program.

03 How to withdraw earnings
How to get my income?

You can order the payment in your private office.

How to receive my capital?

Your capital is available 11% - 15% Hourly for 10 Hours the opening of a deposit with the Direct Refferal 10% - Level 2~10 0.5%.

What is the minimal sum of money I can withdraw?

The minimal withdrawal is 10 USD

Are there any payments for withdrawals?

No, there are not.

Can I receive my capital before it has ended?

Tariff plans provide for unlimited deposit work. You can withdraw your capital in 15% Hourly for 10 Hours the opening of a deposit with the 10% commission.

Can I transfer my money from one currency into another one?

No, such an option is not provided.

Remember, if you have any questions do not hesitate and ask our experts for support. Connect us
02 Contribution
What does offer me?

Our company gives you an opportunity to earn about 3.5 % a day and to become financially independent.

How often and how long will I receive income from my contribution?

Everytime when your actual deposit ends

Is it possible to invest in one cryptocurrency and withdraw with another one?

No, such an option is not provided.

How to get a high rate?

You can do it increasing the sum of your deposit and choosing another tariff plan. You can also invite new people to join the company and to participate in the Affiliate Program.

Is it possible to join capital to active deposit?

Yes, you can invest an additional sum of money at any moment.

What is the necessary sum of money required to take part?

The minimal sum of investment if 10 USD

04 Affiliate program and cooperation
What should I know about the affiliate program and its work?

When your referral invest 1000 USD, you get 40 USD. As you see, it is quite easy. Examine the information given below. If you want to be representative, and earn more % by our referral system, contact our support.

Is it necessary to have an active deposit?

No, you can earn your money with the help of your partners without an active deposit.

How can I get in touch with the representatives of

You can find the contacts of representatives in the section “Representatives”.