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Cryptocurrency is a rising phenomenon. It is bound to take over the world sooner or later. It is therefore wise to reap the most out of its trading at a time like this when traditional and conventional banking and investment markets are saturating.

The cryptocurrency industry has a plethora of opportunities and we make sure to earn the most profit possible out of its trading and financial management on the behalf of our investors.

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about us Introduction

Experts in Cryptocurrency trading online globally

Bino Hour is the UK registered Private Limited Company with expertise in Financial Management. Our focus is on trading in Cryptocurrency and sharing the revenues with our investors. We are a legal entity with diverse experience in financial management in different industries. Bino Hour is our specialized service pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges globally online.

Bino Hour started off in the year 2020 with the sole aim to provide excellent funds management services to people who aim to invest and earn without any investment knowledge and complicated processes.

Bino Hour LTD
REGD. NO. 44547415
invest with us Investment

Register with us as our investor and start earning profits today!

We invite everyone from anywhere in the world to join our team of investors. Whether you belong to a small income group or a higher income group, we invite you to entrust your funds with us. Our role is defined by being the financial managers to our clients who believe in our ability to manage their funds. We place the highest degree of trust and confidentiality in all our dealings with them.

We manage the funds of our investors in cryptocurrency exchanges, buying and selling according to the market trends to maximize our profits and minimize the risks attached.

In 15 Hours
Min. Deposit 0.10 USD
Minimum Withdrawal:
PM, PR - 0.05 USD
Trustworthy Service

We are a reliable financial partner to our clients and make sure that they can entrust their funds to us without any shadow of doubt or distrust. Our dealings are straight and transparent.

Protected Servers

Our servers are protected by the standard internet protocols therefore we ensure complete security of your financial data, personally identifiable information, and IP information in using our site.

Profitable Plan

We have a well-paying investment plan that earns viable profits for our clients. Our profit percentages are competitive with an extremely low minimum deposit limit.

why choose us as investment platform Our Strengths

Bino Hour is your partner in cryptocurrency investments. We offer the integrity of service and transparency in all our financial dealings with our clients.

Pro. Financial Managers

Our financial managers are experts in managing funds and trading in cryptocurrency. They are always vigilant about market trends and strive to make the most profits out of the changing trends.

Quick Returns

We offer quick and guaranteed returns on all your investments. Our payment plan pays daily returns forever. The registration process is also simple and quick to save you time and effort.

No Max Withdrawal limit

There is no maximum withdrawal limit on your profits. We keep the convenience and ease of our customers in view and offer flexible transactions and investment opportunities.

two-tier referral programs Affiliation Program

Referral commissions are our way of paying our loyal clients who help us grow and extend our outreach in the world. We offer referral commissions up to 15 levels that earn an extra income to your accounts whenever you refer a client to us. To learn more about the referral commissions please contact us and help us grow while growing your own profits.

Standard Referral Offer
LEVEL 4-15 you will get